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Message from MD & Chairman

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Message from Chairman

From the beginning of human civilization to nowadays Modern Industrialized world, people want to find a dream of living their own house. However, creation of modern urbanized and industrialized society, every member of the society wants to live within safe and urbanized facilities. On the concern of living for all within urbanized society, Impulse Properties Limited has been concentrate in the construction of residential apartment and commercial complexes. Today Impulse Properties Limited is constantly evolving. In order to excel in today’s fiercely competitive business environment it is important to be dynamic and have the capacity to change and pursue new business opportunities at the appropriate times. Thanks to a highly talented workforce and a professional approach to business, Impulse Properties Limited able to move strongly within the competitive market. Impulse Properties is always looking for new and interesting challenges in our field.

To this end, our purpose to build residential apartment in highly populated residential area to luxurious area and committed to offer affordable living for all. Departments at IMPULSE PROPERTIES LTD have reputation as a dependable real estate company that gives high priority to customer desire and needs, has been created through the hard work and dedication of its work force. Instead of just stressing on good academic qualification which is compulsory for the executive level employees, Impulse has selected its staff based on their aptitude, ingenuity and modernization. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for those who have placed their trust in us and the communities we serve. We do this through leadership of providing “affordable housing”. Our commitment is to improve the quality of life for the people in Bangladesh through excellence in our respective fields.

Message from Managing Director

On the stage of digital Bangladesh, every sector of the economy needs to rapid growth and development. The Real Estate sector is one of the important rule players in economic growth and development. The Real Estate sector is also experiencing significant changes, whereas country’s relay on this sector. “Quality” is the word which made a company successful, nowadays and in the years to come only those companies which have a total commitment to this sector will thrive. Impulse Properties Limited now a specific name which have worked hard towards building a strong foundation and establishing a professional corporate identity. Today, in the field of Real Estate Development, Impulse Properties Limited is recognized, achievements and innovated quality construction services at comfortable price. The philosophy of our company is based on a very simple principle “Customer satisfaction with secure investment”.

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Every department and qualified employees are constantly working towards upgrading and improving every aspect of our activity and ensure our commitment. Be it the quality of our architectural designs or our after-sales service, the emphasis is to keep on improving. Nowadays Impulse Properties is promised for a new phase of dynamic growth with well trained, strong financial foundation and having extensive potential market. We have a commitment to ourselves will continue to expand and diversify our opportunities and playing a dynamic role in the economic development of Bangladesh.