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We aim to empower our people; we consult and provide two-way communication for all matters right across the farm. We always recognize individual contributions and reward our people fairly. Our aim is to offer our people a full and satisfying career so they can be the ultimate professionals in Global Real Estate. People are the bedrock of our business and we encourage lifelong learning throughout the farm. We aim to be an organization that is fully supportive of a diverse workforce including both gender and ethnicity. We will promote equality and diversity and always consider the health and wellbeing and the work-life balance of our people. At Sanmar we foster a nurturing work environment through regular training and staff workshops to an international standard that maximizes personal achievement and self-development goals from employees.

We have an office interior of international quality that compliments working efficiency of our employees. With state of the art IT set up, our work process is fast and accurate. All employees are well conversant with modern IT skills that helps effective communication among the employees as well as with our clients. Working environment is always friendly and congenial at impulse.

We believe, impulse is a great brand to work for and develop as a high quality professional.